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What lengths is Castiel going to go to, to survive this upcoming season? [x]

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I read an article about The Big Sleep (1946) where they had to hint at the sexual exploits of Carmen Sternwood because censorship wouldn’t allow them to say that she’s been doing pornographic photo shoots. So they put her in a “Chinese dress in a Chinese chair” as innuendo. During that period in Hollywood, people understood that “Chinese” was code for “immoral or deviant”. Anyway, point is, mentioning “Chinese” was supposed explain that she did porn.

So now you get the joke.



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But they’re talking about filming together in Hawaii, Anna.  :3

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What time did I lay down?
You took a siesta around noon. Yesterday.

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J2 at NERD HQ, july 27 2014.

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A fan asked the cast a question about live tweeting episodes of Supernatural [x]

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Jensen Ackles at Nerd HQ 2014 [x]

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Misha & Jensen at SDCC 2014 (x)