This is what I do with my weekend when I should have been going to Connecticut: Get art done for the Secrets of Barberry Village, did my taxes, play Dragon Age II, get my heart broken again by THAT ONE FUCKING QUEST, then make happy fanart so I’m not quite so full of feelings. And eat half a box of cookies (oh god my stomach is never going to forgive me)

It’s been a long, weird past two weeks, so have some Saemus and Ashaad being cute.

Saemus likes to think he’s totes smooth with his mancrush (Quncrush? idek) even after he fell off a cliff into cold water. Ashaad is all like “whatever dude” and helps him not get hypothermia.

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    I need for them to run away together and just, be happy together, forever. Keep him warm, Ashaad. Just, wrap those big,...