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Jurassic Park Dinosaur Supervisor (and all around awesome guy) Phil Tippett embracing the “You had one job, Phil” meme to announce his return to the franchise for Jurassic World.

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Timmy, what is it?

It’s a Velociraptor.

It’s inside.

But the weekend at Jurassic Park was not a total waste, for something good came out of it and it was this : Alan Grant now liked kids. 



The fourth Jurassic Park film will be titled JURASSIC WORLD and is set for release on JUNE 12, 2015!

Jurassic Park (1993)

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Peak behind the curtain: Whats going on with JP4?

Following last week’s leak of JP4 plot details, JP Legacy has word today from someone “involved in the film industry,” sharing the information he knows about JP4 and offering his insight into the process:

(Warning: Speculative information and potential spoilers ahead!)

The Facts:

-Jurassic Park 4 was set on Isla Nublar. I say “was” as I cannot be sure if that will change as the script undergoes rewrites, but I’m nearly certain it will remain on Nublar.

-The story did revolve around an open, operating park. Once again, things may change but I don’t think so.

-Marine Reptiles are in.

-Tamed Dinosaurs did play a role.

-New, fresh cast of characters.

-Bryce Dallas Howard and David Oyelowo were frontrunners.

-Some would consider the story a “Soft Reboot”. Don’t grab your torches and pitchforks, its still an in canon sequel. Its just meant to be a fresh start.

-The working title was “Ebb Tide”

-Filming first on location at Hawaii and second on set at Baton Rouge

-Many original iconic locations from Jurassic Park are reserved throughout the islands.

—About a dozen sets were being prepped and pre-fabbed

-Legacy effects are working on the Dinosaurs

The Production:

Jurassic Park is a big franchise for Universal, and thus Universal wants to make the film as big of a success as possible. JP4 is meant to be a new start for the franchise, to make JP and current and popular household name again. Universal needs large, popular franchises to combat the explosion of big budget franchises that other studios are thriving off of, and Jurassic Park is the answer. As such, Universal is putting a huge investment into JP4, but this comes at a price. From the start, Universal has intervened in the writing process aiming for a more epic film that will theoretically bring in higher profits. While this may sound like it isn’t a bad thing, it is as it interferes in the writers and directors creative vision. Universal, with their meddling and arbitrary deadline, caused the script to be rushed and apparently insufficient. But the script was still fairly solid and it was Greenlit, it was only when Steven Spielberg stepped in that the delay occurred. Steven was not happy with the script, its vision was incomplete due to Universals actions. As such, the delay occurred much to the surprise of Colin and crew which led to the entire crew being let go on the spot. This certainly caused everyone to feel shaken and deflated, Colin included. Ultimately it may work out better for the movie as it gives Colin more time to write and flesh out his vision. That said, Universal still have their demands for the scope of the film, Spielberg has his own ideas and Colin of course has his. There are too many cooks in the kitchen. Hopefully Universal and Spielberg will allow for Colin to let his vision thrive and allow him to work on the film without too much interference. Sadly, this is very common when new directors are attached to big projects, and the interference usually causes a film to fall short of its potential. Its hard to say what direction the writing process is going now, but I assume it will stay fairly true to the direction pre-delay, and it is likely the majority of the crews work will be viable and usable allowing for production to restart rather efficiently. That said, it will need to take the time to reassemble the crew as everyone was let go, which is a given with such a large delay.

Be sure to stay tuned to JP Legacy for further developments! [ Website | Forum ]

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