thefawn-prince replied to your post “Spamming Ugly Betty reblogs since we finished watching it on Netflix. …”

I remember watching ugly betty a couple of years ago AND I KEPT TELLING EVERYONE TO WATCH IT because it was actually good sob

It is SO good! I didn’t know what to expect prior to watching the show, but I am so glad I started watching it. And I’m sad it’s over!

osary replied to your post “Got promoted to a supervisor position at work today, wooooo!”

congratulations !!!

Thank you! :D :D :D

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Thank youuuuu! :D

aazeris asked: YEAH how about 1, 12, 21, 37, 52, 56, 60, and 96!


1. What is you middle name?
Lynn. I never liked it. My parents chose an “L” name to take after my maternal grandmother’s name Lorraine.

12. What was your last dream about?
I honestly can’t remember! As I get older, it seems I have a more difficult time remembering dreams, if I even dream to begin with.

21. Have you ever been to the hospital?
For my family—more times than I ever wanted. Myself—not counting anything I can’t remember when I was young, I’ve been to the ER once, when I was probably in middle school. I was at a neighbor’s watching a movie. They had a little kid who was jumping on the bed. He jumped right into me, hit my head, and my lip busted open. My parents were gone somewhere, so my neighbor took me to the ER. Luckily I didn’t have to get stitches, but it was pretty bad.

37. Favorite swear word?

52. Favorite food?
So many. XD First thing that comes to mind is Noah’s red curry—he makes the best red curry. Anything Mediterranean/Middle Eastern is definitely up there. And good dark chocolate. And peanut butter.

56. Most used word?
I’d say it’s probably “awesome.” Also, “Sugarbush” is a big part of my vocabulary. XD

60. Do you talk to yourself?
More in my own head than aloud. Constantly in my head.

96. How did you get your name?
It was the name of a nurse at the hospital when my mom was in labor with me. She liked the spelling of it and named me Tricia.

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Aren’t you just the cutest thing in the world? Omg <3

You’re too sweet! :D Haha, thank youuuu.

roosterblue42 asked: That gif of Godzilla getting a tree shoved down his throat. Stop making me laugh when I'm trying to sleep!!!

Eeeheehee, that’s what happens when I’m left to drink your beer and watch Supernatural in here! ;D (Wasn’t that gif of Godzilla hilarious? I got a good chuckle out of it! XD)

soreon asked: My roommate and I have been trading dirty FANART through text all day and I've been LOOKING FOR KIRK ABD SPOCK AND HAVENT FOUND ANY until you came along and reblogged amazing things for me to win the battle with. you are amazing.

MWAHAHA! YOU ARE WELCOME, MY FRIEND. I am pleased I could assist you in victory! I’m hoping to find more good stuff to reblog—I’m kind of obsessed at the moment!

bumblbear replied to your post “bumblbear replied to your post “bumblbear replied to your post “I just…”

thank you so much! even venting a little helped and honestly the offer is extended for you as well <3 thank you for your kindness!

You’re so sweet! You’re welcome and thank you! It’s people like you who nullify the negativity. <3

bumblbear replied to your post “bumblbear replied to your post “I just don’t even have the energy…”

but yeah, same, i’m opening up sims and just letting it go for tonight

bumblbear replied to your post “bumblbear replied to your post “I just don’t even have the energy…”

Yeah!! *hugs* <3 and yeah I mean, in my case it’s people epically shitting on something that’s actually really close to my heart (even though I know it’s problematic) and just being pretentious shits in general and i know there’s no point to try ugh

That sucks, I’m sorry. :( It’s even harder when it’s something you care about so deeply. (I’m always happy to lend an ear and get to know my followers better, so my inbox is always open for ya if you need to talk or vent!)

I hope Sims helps—it’s usually a good distraction. <3

bumblbear replied to your post “I just don’t even have the energy anymore to argue with people who…”

feeling you 100% right now. the people i follow are driving me crazy and i know that there is literally no point in saying anything so im just sitting here annoyed ugh

*hugs* We can sit here annoyed together! At least we have each other, haha.

It’s a natural response to want to defend yourself too, but you know you just aren’t going to get through to some people (especially when some can be quite hypocritical which just boggles my mind), and it sucks because like you said, you just sit there thinking about it.

For my own sanity, I just need to ignore and move on.

all-tsun-and-no-dere asked: please tag your incest, I don't want to run into that while trawling the persona 4 tag

I tag things for myself. Don’t like it, block my “yudojima” tag or block me. There has been a lot worse than that in the Persona 4 tag, ha.

soreon replied to your post “Serious love to those of you who put up with (and in some cases even appreciate) my constant Supernatural/Destiel/Cockles spamming.”

As one who forgot how to tumble save and hates Destiel hardcore but still loves you anyway, even now, I accept your Jensen flowers

GWYNETHHHH! Get the XKit extension—it has a feature called Blacklist where you can block tags/words. I couldn’t survive tumblr without it, haha.

I love you too!

osary replied to your post “It’s weird how I can be so negative about myself and my own life, but…”

sometimes we only want the best for those we love.

That’s very true. At least they can be happy, dammit!

osary replied to your post: osary replied to your post “I won’t po…

oh sweet person, let me hug you and mourn for the end of the season ;__;

Season 10 seems so far away!

osary replied to your post “I won’t post spoilers till probably late tomorrow, but to summarize how I feel about the season 9 finale, basically:”

oops sorry ? lol

No worries, I saw the episode. ;D (I would stay far away from tumblr and any social media until I saw it.)

But just in case for those people who haven’t seen it, I’m going to try to refrain from posting spoilers myself. I’M ONLY GIVING THEM A DAY THOUGH.

You better believe I’m queuing up posts like crazy! And then…