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Oh. Yes.

Thursday just got so much better, slothier and wobblier.

Which can only be a good thing.

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The Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica needs help!

With almost 150 Sloths in their care, The Sloth Sanctuary is reaching capacity and needs to release more rescued animals back into the wild. In order to ensure these animals are thriving, biologist Rebecca Cliffe is raising money for GPS tracking equipment that will allow staff to monitor the released animals. This will also provide critical data in support of the Sloth Backpack Project, which seeks to better understand sloth diet, habitat preferences and reproductive habits. Learn more about this effort and contribute to Save Our Sloths on Indiegogo.


True facts about sloths [x]

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True Facts About Sloths (by zefrank1)

“It’s camouflage motherfucker.  Mind your own business.”

"They don’t do shit and they haven’t gone extinct." lol, I love this.



This little bundle of fluff is Mira, short for Miracle. I photographed her while she was having her daily examination from the vet at the Aviarios sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. She was under close scrutiny as she was especially tiny for a baby sloth, weighing only a few grams she was the smallest orphan the sanctuary had ever received. Mira was a fighter though and despite her size she thrived. Although she never grew as big as her fellow three fingered babies suggesting that she was in fact a baby dwarf sloth.

Mira is one of the many baby sloths to feature in my book, A LITTLE BOOK OF SLOTH. The perfect bedtime read you can pre-order your copy from Simon and Schuster here

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Cute Overload of the Day: A Baby Sloth’s Kind Gesture Swoons the Internet


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