Sketch dump!  Tricia and I had little drawing parties. ;D

Top Row: Dragon Age OCs Sameth (my elf mage) and Northen (Tricia’s Dalish rogue)
Second Row: Fat, trembly little owl by me XD
Third Row: Needy owl wanting love, Tamlen (Dragon Age) by Tricia! 

Gosh, I love her drawing of Tamlen. ;~;

Aw, you are so sweet! I wish I would have looked at their tattoos; it’s bothering me that they’re all wrong. XD I love your Sameth and cute owlllllllllll! <3


The Assassin’s Greeting

Dragon Age: Origins (Bioware), Elf Mage Warden and Leliana

As the Warden relaxes before the Queen’s Chambers, her assassin lover sneaks in to give her a greeting.

I’ve been playing Dragon Age, and I attempted drawing Northen, my Dalish elf rogue.

And here’s a shot of him in-game: